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Running from May 20 – July 30, 2017.

Destination Canada is an exhibit at the Toronto Reference Library’s TD Gallery. This gem is almost hidden away at the side inside the entrance of the massive central library. Fortunately I was alerted to its presence by a display near the doors.

If you’re in Toronto before the end of July this exhibit is worth a stop. It’s thought provoking and inspirational. Of course some of the stories are sad, but in the arrival to Canada, many stories, even of refugees, have a redemption element.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect to me were the original posters, books, pins and various archival photos. Seeing relics that illuminate the story of the maple leaf as Canadian symbol, or black and white photos of refugees on arrival in the 1960s is very powerful.

Also, there’s a surprisingly interesting interactive component. It’s not digital, but hands on. Place yourself on a world map, and engage with a few of the physical installation activities near the entrance.

This is a museum quality exhibit that’s free of charge and waiting for you to check it out.

Here’s more from the Toronto library website:

Toronto Public Library and Passages Canada are pleased to present Destination Canada, a new exhibit that explores our diverse experiences of migration, arrival and finding a place of belonging from early settlement to present day.

Since Confederation in 1867, more than 17 million newcomers have made their home in Canada.

Destination Canada looks at experiences of migration through personal stories and individual circumstances. Why did they choose Canada? What were their first impressions and early experiences? What challenges did they face in starting a new life? What does it mean to become “Canadian”?

Discover the stories of newcomers throughout our history through posters, photographs, written accounts and other materials from Toronto Public Library’s Baldwin Collection of Canadiana and Chinese Canadian Archive. The exhibit also features personal mementos from storytellers with Passages Canada.

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