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What would it be like

to drive 4,000 kilometres

across Canada?

Thane Ladner narrates Canada Road Trip – a recollection of a cross-country road trip during Canada’s centennial in 1967.

The recording is divided into four parts. A handout is available with comprehension questions, listening exercises, and a transcript.

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Canada Road Trip Pt.1 - Introduction

by Thane Ladner / Mike Simpson | Ancestry Project

Canada Road Trip Pt. 2 - Ontario to Prairies

by Thane Ladner / Mike Simpson | Ancestry Project

Canada Road Trip Pt. 3 - Rockies to the West Coast

by Thane Ladner / Mike Simpson | Ancestry Project

Canada Road Trip Pt. 4 - Looking back after 50 years

by Thane Ladner / Mike Simpson | Ancestry Project

Transcript of Canada Road Trip (Click to open preview of Part 1)

PART ONE – Introduction

Summer, 1967

A road trip can be an amazing experience – a rite of passage. It can be boring, epic, or somewhere in between. One way or another, it’s always a learning and growing experience.

It was 1967. Canada’s 100th birthday. My friends and I had plans to celebrate with a cross-Canada road trip. We were out of school and had lots of time and little responsibility.

The previous summer I had driven out east to the Atlantic Ocean – visiting Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, PEI, and New Brunswick.

This time we’d travel west to the Pacific Ocean, driving from Ontario to BC in a week.

We took the Trans-Canada Highway and undertook the adventure of a lifetime.


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Writing and Graphics by Mike Simpson

Recording and Narration by Thane Ladner

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