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Wendell Ferguson

Wendell Ferguson

Musician, Songwriter

Wendell Ferguson is a country singer from Toronto, Canada. He has recorded solo records and toured with some of the biggest names in country and folk music (including Gordon Lightfoot). He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2014

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Rocks and Trees is a special song, which Wendell kindly allows us to use free of charge in this education project. The lyrics are funny and smart, describing the vast expanse of nearly continuous landscape composed almost exclusively of “rocks and trees.”

You may stream the song or download it, As a bonus we have a video recorded live at the Sleepy Hollow Folk Club. If working with students, we recommend you listen to the studio version first.

Teacher’s note: Wendell is delighted that educators will be able to use this song in their lessons. He asked that the following statement be made available, especially for pre-listening discussion. “Just an FYI that back when I wrote the song in 1990 one of the verses said ‘Bert loves John? Shame, shame, shame’. Well it was funny when I wrote it but now… not so funny.. So although I can’t go back and change the recording I do change it live. I sing, “Bert loves John? Times have changed.” (See live video at end of page).


Rocks and Trees

by Wendell Ferguson | Rough Guide to the Music of Canada


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Live Video


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