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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Ancestry Project podcast. The first episode is “New Year’s Resolutions” and features student and teacher PDF and audio streams and downloads (free MP3 download for registered users).

The episode discusses an article by psychologist David DeSteno. In the excerpt, read by Mike Simpson, the concept of fulfilling resolutions via willpower is contrasted with the application of emotion such as pride, gratitude and compassion. Mike relates his own ideas about resolutions and asks questions which can engage students in discussion. This material is targeted at intermediate to advanced ESL students or native speakers from grade 7-12, and college/university students who would like to practice their note-taking and listening skills.

Visit the Podcast page for a preview. You can listen and view the transcript. Stay tuned in by subscribing to the email list as we have 20+ episodes planned for 2018. If you have a topic in mind please feel free to comment or send an email. We love to hear from our community.

Planned January / February topics: Extreme Weather, Robbie Burns, Valentine’s Day.