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Which Canadians should be added to the February edition of Famous Canadians at Ancestry Project?
Famous Canadians promotes a diverse selection of Canadians who have contributed to the development Canadian society. In January David Suzuki and Viola Desmond became the first two featured Canadians.

You are welcome to suggest your own – tell us who you would feature next in Famous Canadians. Note: You may choose more than one item in the poll.

This month is also Black History Month so our nominations include K’Naan, the Somali-Canadian poet/singer, and Michaëlle Jean, the stateswoman and journalist.

A representation of all groups is the goal. From historical Canadians like Prime Ministers to current Canadians in pop music, from women to men to First Nations to native-born to immigrants. Let us know who you support.

Also, contributions are welcome! If you have prepared lessons on famous Canadians and can donate your materials please get in touch!

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